When considering purchasing the best hiking backpacks, it is important to understand that there are two certain types to choose from. The first being the external frame backpacks. These are designed so that you can attach your tent or walking poles, to the external part of the backpack. 

The second type of best hiking backpacks, is the internal framed backpack. These are slightly smaller and are designed to be more user friendly, as the weight will be much more centred on your back.

A good piece of advice before going on your backpacking trip is, when you are packing your equipment into your hiking backpacks. You should make sure you have the essentials first. Such as a proper hiking first aid kit, to cope with any unwanted accidents while hiking. And enough food and water, for the length of the trip you are going to be embarking on. 

best hiking backpacksThe thing to be aware of, is having the right amount of these essentials can be much more important than having bundles of extra clothing. Remember your hiking backpacks should only weigh about 30% of your total bodyweight.

It is a good idea to weigh the pack, before you set off on your trip. Especially if you intend on doing some steep climbing up mountains. 

One thing to realize is that the food and water that you pack, will become less and less as your trip progresses. Thus making your hiking backpacks lighter, where if you packed too many extra clothes. The pack would stay the same weight through out your trip.

When carrying out a lot of walking, it is more important to make sure you have the extra clothing such as dry socks. Having warm comfortable feet, make the hiking trip much more enjoyable.

Another suggestion when searching for best hiking backpacks. Is make sure it has the external pockets, these pockets are extremely handy. To make essentials like water bottles and first aid kits easily accessible when needed. 

Many first time hikers tend to fill their packs, with far too many extra items like extra pairs of trousers and shirts or pullovers. Then realizing half way through the trip, the backpack is far too heavy to cover any reasonable distance. 

best hiking backpacksSo remember the golden rule. Always try to keep the weight of your  hiking backpacks down to a minimum. Following the 30% of body weight is a great way, to make sure you can cope with the weight when hiking.  

With the modern day hiking backpacks these days, the comfort issue is not a concern. As most will be ergonomically designed, and are fitted with padded shoulder straps. As well as snug fitting waist straps, to hold the pack securely to your body. 

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